Message from President Desk

Dr. Vishwas A. Zade
MD Medicine
Cardiologist and Diabetologist
President, Jeevan Jyoti Pratishthan’s
Director LDSVZ Nursing College
First Ironman of Chandrapur
Past IMA Secretary
Candidate for Assembly Congress Committee 2019

Message from President

The “Jeevan Jyoti Pratishthan” is spreading its wings & has set up a nursing college at Chandrapur. The vision behind the institute is to provide world class nursing education by inculcating moral values and all-round development which enables students from various backgrounds to become true professional in the nursing field. The institute is shaping into an ideal centre for academic excellence in the nursing education. Next couple of years will see Late Dr. Sau. Vasudha Zade Nursing College being counted the elite few best institutes in the country with research intensive facilities to promote nursing education and an ideal centre for academic excellence.

Establishing a best nursing institute in India is a formidable task and it requires an indomitable spirit and excessive grit to transform it into a best institute. The Jeevan Jyoti Pratishthan’s Late Dr. Sau. Vasudha Zade Nursing College as a boon, has got highly qualified and right kind of people who are committed in body and soul to give best to the nursing college.

I wish best of luck to all the students who look forward to embark the journey of their career with Late Dr. Sau. Vasudha Zade Nursing College, Chandrapur. You may rely on us for charting the best career graph for you.

Dr. Vishwas A. Zade
LDSVZ Nursing College